Buying New Zealand grown pork

Look for NZPork's 'Country of Origin' label's. Retailers use these to show you NZ produced pork.

Country of Origin Labelling

Kiwis know we are a meat producing nation and expect the meat they’re eating to be from New Zealand - and to be told if it is not! 

Around 60% of the pork consumed in New Zealand comes from overseas, with 85% of cured pork products containing imported pork.

NZPork has created a range of ‘country of origin’ labels allowing consumers to easily identify New Zealand pork and have confidence that it really is 100% New Zealand.

You're guaranteed your buying 100% NZ produced pork when you see these labels

However, when it comes to some cured pork products, like sausages, bacon or ham, consumers can be misled by labels such as ‘Made in New Zealand’ or ‘Locally Produced’ when in fact the product contains imported pork.

Draft regulations as part of the Consumers’ Right to Know (Country of Origin Labelling) Bill will change the law to require country of origin labelling for some cured pork products. However, marinated and injected pork products will still only require the name and address of a New Zealand supplier meaning it could be sold without any recognition it is from overseas.  

NZPork continues to advocate for provisions to include country of original labelling for ALL pork products.

New Zealand pork wholesalers process and sell New Zealand pork to retailers across the country.

These include Five Star Pork, Freshpork NZ, Wilson Hellaby, Porkcorp, Cabernet Meats, Land Meats, Murellen Pork, Foreman Partnership, Ashburton Wholesale, Countdown, Harris Meats and Kintyre Meats.