New Zealand Pork

New Zealand Pork is the statutory industry board working to support New Zealand pork producers, building a sustainable future and ensuring high standards of animal welfare.

New Zealand Pork Pigs

Operating by the Pork Industry Board Act (1997), New Zealand Pork is the operational name of the New Zealand Pork Industry Board. We work on behalf of New Zealand’s pig farmers and producers.

We help our industry make the best possible contribution to New Zealand’s economy.

We promote a sustainable and profitable future for New Zealand’s pig producers.

We support our producers through advocacy, marketing and communications.

Our organisation

Our funding comes from a levy on all commercially slaughtered pigs, which is determined by producers at the Annual General Meeting and Conference (AGM).

The levy fund is used to provide services that benefit the industry’s long term goals. Currently, this includes policy development, research and innovation, market promotion of New Zealand raised pork and pork products, and communications.

We promote and support a sustainable and profitable future for pig producers in New Zealand.

We do the things that producers can’t do on their own, which benefits the entire industry. This includes such things as research and development, policy and advocacy, marketing, and communications.

It is important to remember that we are not a commercial player in the industry. We do not own or trade in pig products or intervene in the commercial areas of the industry.

A snapshot of our great industry


To support farmers and good farming practices by providing access to relevant research and development.

To strengthen the pork industry through policy development and advocacy.

To promote New Zealand pork through marketing, education, communications and the media.

To create a sustainable and profitable industry that gives our farmers the confidence to invest.

To help producers make more profit from pork. Through partnerships with industry stakeholders we will deliver governance, research, development, extension and policy services, and marketing that assist producers to make more profit from pork.

What we do

We are here to be the voice of the industry, and ensure that what is best for our farmers and their businesses is represented at all levels across local and central government.

We provide advice and advocacy across a variety of areas including but not limited to animal husbandry, animal welfare, resource management, biosecurity and food safety.

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