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About Us

New Zealand Pork (NZPork) is the operational name of the New Zealand Pork Industry Board. We work on behalf of New Zealand’s pig farmers/producers.

  • We support our producers through advocacy, marketing and communications.
  • We help our industry make the best possible contribution to New Zealand’s economy.
  • We promote a sustainable and profitable future for New Zealand’s pig producers.

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Established by the Pork Industry Board Act (1997), NZPork is a statutory board. Funding comes from a levy on all commercially slaughtered pigs. The levy is set each year by producers at the Annual General Meeting and Conference. At the 2016 AGM the levy for the 2016/17 year was set at $4 + GST per pig.


How can a Producer have a say?

The first step is to register with us. Once registered, producers can attend our meetings and seminars and receive resources. Producers can also stand for election as a District Chair or Director.


Cooking and Recipes

Mums Night Off

Give mum a night off and encourage dad to get into the kitchen with Mum's Night Off - click here

Get Inspiration for Cooking 100% NZ Pork, Bacon & Ham 

100% NZ pork is versatile and easy to cook. Become inspired and find out everything you ever wanted to know about cooking with pork - including how to perfectly cook your favourite cuts of 100% NZ pork, including bacon and ham.

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