The PigCare audit

The annual audit covers the whole farm. Our pig farmers pay an independent auditor for the cost of registration.

The auditor assesses the farm and pigs according to the PigCare standards which are cross-referenced to the Animal Welfare (Pigs) Code of Welfare 2010 and the Animal Welfare (Care and Procedures) Regulations 2018. Only pork from PigCare accredited farms can be labelled with the New Zealand Pork PigCare labels. An overview of the PigCare requirements can be viewed here.

Farm presentation assessment

New Zealand pig farmers aim to run professional and high standard food producing operations.

Their goal is to ensure that consumers, retailers and wholesalers have confidence in the production practices of New Zealand Pork.

Established in 2010, the farm presentation assessment is part of the PigCare audit programme process.


The assessment allows pig farms to be judged on their cleanliness and presentation, and in the long term they will be benchmarked against their peers – raising the overall standard of the industry.


The Presentation Assessment is undertaken by Quality Consultants New Zealand Ltd (QCONZ) trained auditors at the same time as the PigCare welfare assessment. It is now part of the overall PigCare audit.


Housekeeping and farming facilities that may impact on the welfare of the pigs are combined into a single score sheet. Aesthetics are included, but with an acceptable degree of objectivity.

The farm needs to pass (meet the agreed standard) both the welfare and presentation assessments to become accredited to PigCare.

The Process

The farm is assessed against each PigCare standard and is given one of the following results:




The standard is met.

Arrow Process pass 1 Arrow
Arrow Process pass 2
Arrow Process pass 3 PigCare™

Corrective action


The current welfare of the pigs is acceptable (does not breach the Act) but the audit identified issues for improvement in order to meet the PigCare standard.

Arrow Process corrective action 1 Arrow Process corrective action 2 Arrow Process corrective action 3
Process corrective action 3 ArrowProcess pass 2
Arrow Arrow Arrow



The audit identified non-compliances with the PigCare standard that may impact the welfare of pigs.

Arrow Process fail 1