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Useful Resources

Here are links to a range of resources that may be useful for farmers.  If you can't find what you are looking for or have a suggestion for what should be included, please contact us.

NZPork Resources

You can find NZPork resources here: 

Housing - Feeding & Nutrition - Breeding & Genetics - Farrowing - Meat Quality - Performance Analysis

Welfare Resources - Health & Biosecurity - Environment - Download an ASD Form

Supplementary Resources

There are hundreds of other websites and valuable resources that can help you with everything from animal health to effectively running and developing a small business. A particularly good ones for farmers planning around Health & Safety are www.saferfarms.org.nz and Worksafe

A few more are listed here:

OneFarm - NZ Beef & Lamb - Human Resources - Small Business Management  

Presentations from the 2017 NZ Pork Conference 

A Sustainable Future - Lyndon Mathews 

Alltech Presentation - Matthew Smith

Key Elements of a Sustainable Pork Industry - Professor Robert van Barneveld

Rural Health & Safety - Bronwyn Muir

Born and Raised in New Zealand - Sonya Matthews & Gerard Blank 

Ensuring a sustainable future for the NZ Pork industry - Vanisha Narsey 

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