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PigCare™ FAQ's

What if there’s a breach of the Animal Welfare Act?

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is responsible for enforcing the Animal Welfare Act. Visit the MPI website to find out more.

PigCare™ auditors must report any serious animal welfare breach to MPI. Where farmers do not meet the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act, MPI has a process for investigating and remedying the issue(s).

Farmers who do not meet the PigCare™ standards would fail their PigCare™ audit and, as a result, their pigs will receive a lower price. They will not be able to use the PigCare™ Accredited 100% New Zealand pork, bacon and ham logo on their product.


Who can use the PigCare™ Accredited 100% New Zealand pork logo?

Only farms that pass the PigCare™ welfare audit are allowed to use the PigCare™ accredited 100% New Zealand pork, bacon and ham logo.


Does all pork, bacon and ham sold in New Zealand have to meet the PigCare™ standards?

No. Imported pork, including pork made into bacon or ham in New Zealand, does not have to meet PigCare™ standards. Most of the imported pork comes from countries that have lower welfare standards. Imported pork only has to meet a government Import Health Standard which does not include any animal welfare standards.

Only pork from PigCare™ accredited farms can carry the 100% New Zealand pork, bacon and ham PigCare™ logos.


How can I help ensure good animal welfare standards for pigs?

By choosing pork products that carry the 100% New Zealand pork, bacon and ham PigCare™ logos. That way you know the pig has been raised in New Zealand according to annually checked animal welfare standards that are recognised as among the highest in the world.


What does the 100% New Zealand Pork, Bacon and Ham PigCare™ label mean?

That the pork product you are buying was farmed in New Zealand according to some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world.


Who pays for the PigCare™ audit?

The pig farmer pays QCONZ for the cost of registration and the trained auditor who conducts the audit. 


How was PigCare™ developed?

The New Zealand pork industry realised that New Zealanders wanted an assurance that the pork products they were buying came from well cared for pigs.

The PigCare™ accreditation system provides that assurance and a way of ensuring that all commercial pig farmers were meeting a high standard of care for their animals. 

PigCare™ was developed by Massey University with the support of veterinarians, pig farmers, NZPork, MPI (when they were known as Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries).


Can I read a copy of the PigCare™ Audit documents?

Yes, you can get a copy here. 

Comments and suggestions for improvement can be sent to NZPork.

How does the Welfare Audit Process actually work?

  1. Commercial pig farmers pay a fee to register the details of their farm(s), their preferred auditor, and wholesaler(s) with QCONZ.

  2. When the annual audit is due QCONZ notifies the farmer and auditor.

  3. The auditor and farmer agree on a date and a fee for the audit, which the farmer pays to the auditor. .

  4. The auditor carries out the audit and sends the results to QCONZ and to the farmer.

  5. QCONZ notifies the wholesaler of the status of the farm. The wholesaler is then able to confirm to the retailer that the pork and pork products is PigCare™ accredited.


What if I have a question about PigCare™ or animal welfare for pigs?

You can contact NZPork with any questions you have.

To report an animal welfare issue or find out about the Animal Welfare Act or Codes of Welfare contact the Ministry for Primary Industries here.

April 2016

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