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How PigCare™ Works

The PigCare™ audit

The annual audit covers the whole farm. The audit covers:

Management, including farm management, stockmanship, and husbandry practices
Dry sow/mating area and operation
Farrowing area and operation
Post-weaning area and operation

The auditor assesses the farm and pigs according to the PigCare™ standards which are cross-referenced to the Animal Welfare (Pigs) Code of Welfare 2010. Only pork from PigCare™ accredited farms can be labelled with the 100% NZ Pork PigCare™ labels.

How the PigCare™ audit works

The farm is assessed against each PigCare™ standard and is given one of the following results:

  • PASS - the standard is fully met.

  • CORRECTIVE ACTION– the current welfare of the pigs is acceptable (does not breach the Act) but the audit identified issues for improvement in order to meet the PigCare™ standard. A ‘Corrective Action Request’ (CAR) with a fixed timeframe is issued. The timeframe is usually less than three months, but can be up to a maximum of six months to allow time to make larger changes. The aim is to encourage practical, long term improvements to animal welfare.

  • FAIL – the audit identified non-compliances with the PigCare standard that may impact the welfare of pigs, or previously issued CARs were not met. Serious welfare issues that may breach the Animal Welfare Act will be reported to MPI for investigation.

The auditor’s report (including any CARs) is sent to QCONZ. A copy of the report is sent back to the farmer and auditor, and is attached to the audit record. The wholesaler is notified of the status of the farm.

If the farm requires corrective action or fails an audit, it is required to fix the issues, provide evidence or be re-audited to ensure it now meets the standard.  


PigCare™ documents

Registration form - new form pending. Please contact QCONZ peterwood@qconz.co.nz directly. 

Management and stockmanship

Dry sow / mating area assessment

Farrowing assessment

Post weaning assessment

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