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New Animal Welfare Requirements apply after 3 December 2015


The 2010 Pigs Welfare Code requires that after 03 December 2015 mated sows and gilts must not be confined in stalls during gestation. The use of mating stalls for service is permitted, for no longer than one week. New Zealand is one of very few countries in the world operating to this standard.


This is a requirement for PigCare™ accreditation, and only pork from PigCare™ accredited farms is eligible for labelling as 100% New Zealand pork (or ham or bacon).  This is confirmed by traceability of pork from PigCare™ accredited farm to wholesaler, and through the supply chain to finished labelled product.  


By purchasing 100% New Zealand pork (or ham or bacon) PigCare™ accredited, you can be sure that you are purchasing pork from animals born in New Zealand and raised according to New Zealand’s animal welfare requirements. Imported pork, ham and bacon does not have to meet these requirements nor does it have any assurance of animal welfare such as PigCare™.


For more information on PigCare™ and animal welfare check out http://www.nzpork.co.nz/pigcare-and-animal-welfare

April 2016

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