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Environmental Management

NZPork ensures that the industry’s interests are represented where environmental issues or regulations are concerned. This particularly applies where there is potential to impact on farmers’ ability to continue to run their businesses. This translates into the goals of:

  • Preserving the right to farm
  • Maintaining leadership on environmental stewardship
  • Reducing cost of compliance

The NZPork work programme includes:

  • Actively engaging in the wider debate about farming and the environment;
  • Supporting movements to improve the RMA system;
  • Collaborating on primary sector initiatives for development of sustainable farming systems, integrating economic and environmental values;
  • Working with producers, national and regional authorities to ensure that both producers and regulators needs can be met through practical and science based approaches to environmental management;
  • Advocating on behalf of pork producers at the national, regional, and district levels to preserve the right to farm, reduce the cost of compliance and ensure they are treated equitably.
  • Investing in science and technologies and developing tools that can enhance farmers’ ability to produce pork on both economically and environmentally sustainable basis.
The work plan is delivered by way of guidelines, seminars, workshops or webinars. Ensure you are registered with NZPork to be kept up to date with relevant environmental issues.

NZPork Farm Environment Plan (FEP) Template

The NZPork FEP template will assist compliance with district and regional rules and resource consents, as well as managing environmental risk and issues. It aims to support sustainable land management, efficient use of resources, and provide a framework to progress environmental protection and enhancement. Measuring, monitoring and mitigating potential impacts will have economic, social and environmental benefits. Please find the template and guidance notes below. For further information or assistance you can contact NZPork's Environmental Advisor here.

Farm Environment Plan Template (MS Word)

Farm Environment Plan Guidance notes 

If you have an FEP in place and interested in learning more about implementing a full Environmental Management System (EMS) then please read the guidance here.


What if I have environmental concerns?

The environmental management service is provided and managed by a dedicated Environmental Advisor. You can contact NZPork's Environmental Advisor here.

The Environmental Advisor provides policy advice and advocacy in this area and includes engagement with regional and district environmental planning.  Submissions are prepared in consultation with farmers and are submitted on the industry’s behalf. If you are interested in participating in submissions and consultation, Industry input is a critical part of developing and representing the industry view and your input is encouraged.

An important issue currently is the changing environmental regulation landscape in the Canterbury region.  See more information on ECAN’s website here

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