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What does NZPork provide to levy payers?

NZPork’s focus is on providing services relating to these key areas:

  • Environmental Regulations and Legislation, delivering:
    • Generic and specific policy advice and advocacy on:
      • Existing and proposed legislative or regulatory change
      • Guidelines and regulations
      • Environmental issues
      • Animal Husbandry,
  • Policy advice and advocacy, in particular on:
    • Animal welfare
    • Animal health
    • Production systems
  • Communications and Stakeholder Engagement
    • Effective communications including:
      • Reputation management
      • Media management
      • Keeping industry informed
      • Supporting effective relationships with stakeholders
  • Science, Research and Technology
    • Building industry knowledge (tech transfer)
    • Keeping up to date with, supporting and sharing current relevant research
    • Communicating advances effectively with industry
  • Market Promotion
    • Generic brand development for New Zealand pork and pork products
    • Building and maintaining positive public perceptions
  • Effective Business Management
    • Ensuring that NZPork services are delivered professionally, effectively and efficiently

Policy and Advocacy 

One of the busiest areas for NZPork is in providing policy and advocacy for and on behalf of farmers.  This is about being the voice of the industry with regulators and ensuring that what is best for farmers and their businesses is represented at all levels across local and central government. Policy and advocacy is largely delivered around, but not limited to, environmental, food safety and animal welfare issues. To find out more click here.

Environmental Regulations, Legislation and Issues 

NZPork ensures that the industry’s interests are represented where environmental issues or regulations are concerned.  Especially where there is potential to impact on farmers’ ability to continue to run their businesses. To find out more about how we work to preserve your right to farm click here.

Science, Research and Technology

The New Zealand pork industry is a modern, and innovative industry with forward momentum.  To remain that, it requires access to new advances, technology and research that will keep it at the cutting edge.  Businesses need to be in a position to take advantage of innovation that can improve their performance and enhance business returns. Keep reading about research and development here.

Generic Market Promotion – 100% New Zealand Pork 

After several years’ absence from generic marketing of pork and pork products, the New Zealand pork industry decided to invest in raising the profile of its locally produced pork, bacon and ham.   The goal of the market promotion campaign is to improve consumers’ perception of New Zealand pork and increase consumption. Click here to find out more.


People want and need to be able to find out about the industry easily.  They need to like what they see so that they can trust the industry and what it is doing.  Providing transparency about our industry, who producers are, what they do and what we’re proud of is the primary goal of NZPork communications.  

Delivering effective communications for the industry includes supporting the market promotion campaign, the Directors, and industry members to build awareness of and confidence in the industry and its commitment to good practice.  NZPork focuses on telling the industry story from the industry’s perspective in a compelling and transparent way.

Communications also supports maintaining and developing strong stakeholder relationships, including those with government, the media and other primary industry bodies.

NZPork represents the industry with the media and works hard to ensure that the reputation and perception of the industry remains positive and professional.

Keeping farmers informed is also a responsibility of the communications team at NZPork.  You can find out about industry communications by clicking here.

Effective Business Management   

In order to deliver services to the industry, NZPork must run the national office effectively.  Managing and administering elections, Board Meetings, producing Annual Reports, providing financial and administrative services are just a few of the tasks that must be performed to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the business.

Additionally, NZPork must meet the requirements of the Pork Industry Act.

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