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NZPork is the point of contact for media enquiries about our industry, our farmers, our governance and policies and our product.

NZPork Head Office (Christchurch) handles all media enquiries. The office is open Monday – Friday, 9.00am-5.00pm.
Phone: +64 (03) 357 1407  
Email: info@pork.co.nz 

After hours
We do our best to help with after hours questions. It is not always possible to provide information or spokespeople outside of business hours.

Media Releases

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us.

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Helpful Links

Interview requests and spokespeople - to set up an interview with someone from the industry or at NZPork contact us

Topical issues and concern - see what NZPork is currently working on

FAQs – answers to all your pig farming and New Zealand pork questions

Industry news - industry publications, statistics and technical information

Jargon – farrowing pens? sows? Find out what our technical language means.

Gallery – images of our farms, farmers, pigs, product and people

Farming Pigs in NZ – the wider New Zealand pig farming story

Regulations, standards, guidelines and industry best practice – the rules and guidelines that govern how our industry operates.

Can’t see what you need? Contact us if you have questions or need further background.

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