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Working with Government

Although NZPork represents the New Zealand pork industry in a number of ways - such as with consumers through our market promotion campaign, the general public through our interactions with media or directly with wholesalers, processors and retailers - the most critical relationships that NZPork manages on the industry’s behalf is with government.

Why work with Government?

Actively engaging with the government on the development and implementation of legislation and policy helps NZPork deliver beneficial outcomes that protect and enhance the profitability, sustainability and competitiveness of pork farmers and their businesses. 

NZPork does this by:

  • Acting as the advocate for the industry and lobbying on its behalf
  • Working with officials and engaging in consultation around policy development or legislative change
  • Engaging in joint or shared initiatives with government
  • Managing key relationships with high level officials and politicians
  • Developing platforms for working together
  • Engaging with other primary sector industries in relation to government issues, initiatives or advocacy

Government Consultation

There is a range of legislative acts and regulations that govern the activities of the industry.  Amendments, and new legislation or regulations can be under development at any time.  When government decides to explore changes to policy, it is required to seek consultation and NZPork is continually involved on behalf of pork producers.  

Key Legislation

Some important and relevant legislation and regulations to the industry are here.


Equally, NZPork and the Board work as an advocate at the highest levels of Government and government agencies.  NZPork sets up regular meetings with government officials and politicians, including Cabinet Ministers, to discuss issues and maintain a high profile for the industry. This is important in recognising opportunities for engagement and working together effectively.

Shared Initiatives

NZPork is represented on a number of consultative committees and working groups with government.  These include:

  • Chief Executives’ Animal Welfare Forum
  • Chief Executives’ Biosecurity Forum
  • Government Industry Agreement (GIA)
  • Foot and Mouth Disease Preparedness Programme - with MPI and livestock industries
  • Farm to Processor Animal Welfare Forum
  • ABWCC (Animal Behaviour and Welfare Consultative Committee)
  • AVMAC (Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines Advisory Council)
  • ACVM (Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines) Group Industry Liaison Group
  • Antimicrobial Resistance Steering Group
  • MPI/Industry Working Group on Unregulated Meat

NZPork works with industry and government to invest in new technology and the identification and application of good practice, and ensure that these are delivered to producers in such a way to maximize uptake and successful application. Projects include:

  • Sustainable dry sow housing and management
  • Exploring the use of farrowing pens
  • Best practice guidelines for free range pork production
  • Supporting exceptional environmental stewardship in the New Zealand pork industry
  • “Money for manure” – highlighting the nutrient values for pig manure
  • the adaption of Overseer to incorporate pig manure, as a source of plant nutrients
  • the adaption of Overseer to incorporate outdoor pig farming
  • “Waste to wealth” – biogas generation on-farm
  • Inventory of greenhouse gas emissions in the NZ pork industry
  • Identifying good management practice for outdoor farming

Examples of NZPork's work with Government

Animal Welfare Amendment Bill

NZPork took an active role in consultation and facilitating effective liason with other primary sector groups and MPI on the MPI 2012 Discussion Paper.  The paper set out the preferred option to replace Codes of Welfare with a mix of regulations and guidelines which would replace NAWAC’s role in developing policy with MPI. This has resulted in the codes of welfare being retained in the final Animal Welfare Amendment Bill along with NAWAC's role in code development.

The New Zealand pork industry has made a significant investment in the development and implementation of codes of welfare in the past.  This has provided increased certainty and understanding for farmers and their businesses. 


Foot and Mouth Disease Preparedness

An area of engagement for NZPork is FMD preparedness work. This significant programme of work is to enhance New Zealand's preparedness to deal effectively with a FMD event.


Legal Meat Supply

NZPork has been actively involved in a MPI and livestock industry working group, an initiative to enhance compliance with regulations governing legal meat supply. 

Do you want to know more?

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How can farmers be involved?

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