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Regulations, Guidelines and Manuals

Commercial pork production in New Zealand is governed by a number of regulations and supported by best practice guidelines and manuals. These are listed on this page. While it is the responsibility of the business owner (farmer/producer) or their agent to ensure that all regulations relating to commercial pig farming are adhered to, NZPork provides access to the regulations and provides advice to farmers genrally and as requested.  The guidelines available have been developed to enable best practice farming, while meeting the regulations.

NZPork has no regulatory power over commercial pig farmers, but it has implemented the PigCare™ Audit programme.  This independently audited programme assesses compliance with standards that are in alignment with the regulations and guidelines for best practice management and farming of pigs in New Zealand.  PigCare™ auditing includes animal welfare, health and safety, and health regulation compliance and a range of other relevant standards.  You can find out more about PigCare™ here.

For other useful resources for business managers and farmers, look here


Some important and relevant legislation and regulations to the industry include:

Health & Safety - www.saferfarms.org.nz 

Farmer's are directed to visit the www.saferfarms.org.nz website to help guide them through developing plans to meet health & safety regulations. This website includes helpful information, templates and additional information for on farm. Also Worksafe NZ provides Health & Safety information.

Other NZPork Resources, Guidelines and Manuals

You can access the relevant resources, guidelines and manuals here: 

Housing Feeding & Nutrition Breeding & Genetics Farrowing Meat Quality

 Performance Analysis Health & Biosecurity

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