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How does NZPork support farmers?

NZPork - Preserving your right to farm

How does NZPork work?  

NZPork represents commercial pig farmers in New Zealand, working to facilitate farmers' ability to run their businesses effectively.  To do this, NZPork purchases and provides services on behalf of and for the industry. It represents and advocates for the industry at a national level. 

The funding required for NZPork to provide services for the industry comes from a levy.  As a statutory body, NZPork has the power to establish a mandatory levy on every commercially slaughtered pig.  The rate of this levy is decided by farmers at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The levy fund is used to purchase services that will help NZPork achieve its business objectives.  

How is the Levy used?

The levy fund is used to provide services that benefit the industry’s long term goals.  Currently, this includes policy development, research and innovation, market promotion of New Zealand raised pork and pork products, and communications.  Farmers have a say in what the business goals for NZPork are and subsequent services need to be.  They debate and vote on these decisions at the Delegates Meeting and the AGM

NZPork is guided by a 5-year strategic plan. Each year NZPork proposes an action plan which is agreed by farmers by the AGM. Prior to this current issues are debated at the Annual District Meetings (ADM).

Once the NZPork Business Plan and Budget has been approved, staff at NZPork deliver the programme of work for the industry.

Sticking to business

NZPork has no role in private good activities.  Its focus is the delivery of services that farmers would not gain an investment benefit from as individuals.  For example, a nationwide generic consumer market promotion campaign would be too expensive for an individual farmer to invest in, but can be delivered by NZPork for the benefit of the whole industry, cost effectively.

NZPork has no power to own or trade in pig products.  It cannot intervene in commercial activities or influence the schedule price.

What NZPork does do is represent, advocate for and defend the interests of farmers on industry good issues, and promote and maintain the reputation of the industry and its product.

What does NZPork provide?

Currently, this includes policy and advocacy, research, market promotion, and communications. To find out more click here.

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