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What We Do

The Role of NZPork

NZPork promotes and supports a sustainable and profitable future for pig producers in New Zealand. We work for a thriving future for the pork industry.

NZPork does things that producers can’t do individually that benefit the whole industry. Our work includes marketing, communications, research and development, policy and advocacy.

NZPork is not a commercial player in the industry. We do not own or trade in pig products or intervene in the commercial areas of the industry.

We focus on three key areas:

  • Supporting farmers and good farming practices by providing access to relevant research and development

  • Strengthening the pork industry through policy development and advocacy

  • Promoting 100% New Zealand pork through marketing, education, communications and the media

For Farmers

Our Vision and Mission

Vision: Contributing to a profitable future for the New Zealand Pork Industry

Mission: Helping producers make ‘more profit from pork’. Through partnering industry stakeholders we will deliver governance, marketing, research, development, extension and policy services that assist producers to make more profit from pork.

Why Producers Should Register with NZPork…

Registering with NZPork is free, quick, easy and available to every New Zealand pig owner. Registering entitles producers to:

  • vote, giving you a say in how your industry is run
  • receive PorkOutlook (our industry newsletter)
  • attend industry meetings, training and seminars
  • receive useful information and resources
  • free Animal Status Declaration (ASD) books

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